Why us: The Orbit Port

I am so happy to provide one stop service to the creative and production markets. Providing hosting and domain name registration as 'value added' services just feels right.

Question: “Why would I ask for services from The Orbit Port when I can get similar services for less elsewhere?”

You could certainly find hosting and domain registration services elsewhere, but it seems there's always a catch. They'll offer a discounted price for the first year, then prices go up to market rates, or higher, after the first year of service. They want to get you in the door, then keep you as a customer because they feel that you won't take the initiative to move from their services.
My aim is to charge a fair price from the start. I include services and features for which the big companies charge extra. I provide an "all in one" approach so that you can get on with doing what you need to do with your site. One stop, very few clicks, no aftermarket add-ons for features that you really don't need. That's the advantage of moving forward with The Orbit Port.

MATT NETH / The Orbit Port